Dual Occupancy



If you’re after leading luxury home builders you can completely depend on from concept to hand over and beyond, Merit Homes should be your first choice. Our highly experienced, professional team will partner with you every step of the way, to bring your dream home to superb reality.

Outstanding duplex designs and construction

Looking to free up the increased equity in your land? With Sydney land prices at a premium, investing in a dual occupancy home can make perfect sense.

If building a nest egg and unlocking the hidden wealth of your property sounds like a great idea, our stunning duplex designs could be your answer. With our long experience and renowned dual occupancy design and construction expertise, Merit Homes will deliver you the ideal multi-dwelling solution.

All our energy efficient dual living house plans can be tailored to perfectly suit your site, lifestyle, taste and budget. From initial sketches and discussion, through to construction and beyond, Merit Homes is your ideal Sydney dual occupancy builder.

What To Expect

Our experts will develop a duplex design that maximises the potential of your site. And we’ll provide you with a detailed, cost-effective quote to match your budget.

We partner with you right through the planning process. From the initial application to obtaining planning permit approval, we’re meticulous and proactive, always keeping you in the loop.
Our design specifications and top quality interiors, fittings and fixtures are included in all our fixed price contracts. You’ll get no nasty costing overruns with Merit Homes.
We supply you with weekly updates on the progress of your build, plus regular site inspections.

Your dual occupancy home design and build made easy

From your initial ideas through to design, construction, handover and beyond, our dedicated Merit Homes professionals partner with you all the way.

We help you choose from our award-winning luxury home designs, including those especially created for dual living homes.

Excellence at every stage

When you partner with Merit Homes you’re guaranteed a fully integrated vision, including the highest quality design, construction and finishes. Delivered with impeccable service and support, every step of the way.