The Most Common Frustrations of Building a New Home - Part 1

The Most Common Frustrations of Building a New Home – Part 1

Unfortunately, frustration is part of life, and so too do they go hand in hand with building a new home. While many issues are unavoidable in the construction world, at Merit Homes, we pride ourselves on ensuring that any issues that arise throughout the process are minimised, timeframes are realistic and that you are kept well informed along the way.  

If you’ve read our client reviews, you’ll know it’s not just a wild claim that we make but can’t deliver on. We’ve dedicated our entire careers to ensuring our clients are happy, which we know stretches well beyond handing over the keys to a beautiful new home. 

Being prepared for those common frustrations will allow you to plan for contingency, should the unavoidable occur.

We have compiled a list of common frustrations we see all too often in the building industry.


You’ve signed on the dotted line, sorted your finance, budgeted, had your pre-start meetings, made all the tough design decisions, received council approval….. So it’s all systems go, right? Yes…but sometimes no.

While you may be working with one of Sydney’s most renowned luxury builders, and while we’ll do everything in our power to start the construction process as soon as possible, it’s common for your build to not commence right away. Factors like delays in receiving the building permit, or even bad weather may cause the start date to be postponed.


Delays are inevitable, particularly in this current construction climate. When you build with Merit Homes, you’re working with a trusted, reputable builder with a long-standing list of trusted subcontractors and suppliers who will endeavour to complete your job as soon as possible, and to the highest standard possible. 

We do our utmost to give the most realistic expectation when it comes to timeframes to help ease this common frustration, and we know that open, honest and regular communication with you is key to maintaining a great working relationship.


Part 2 will go into the decision fatigue that comes with deciding the fate of every square inch of your new home and the true price of making late changes and add-ons. 

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