The Most Common Frustrations of Building a New Home – Part 2

The Most Common Frustrations of Building a New Home – Part 2

Unfortunately, frustration is part of life, and so too do they go hand in hand with building a new home. While many issues are unavoidable in the construction world, at Merit Homes, we pride ourselves on ensuring that any issues that arise throughout the process are minimised, timeframes are realistic and that you are kept well informed along the way.  

Here comes Part 2 of this topic, where we go into the decision fatigue that comes with deciding the fate of every square inch of your new home and the true price of making late changes and add-ons. 


From the home layout to the cutting edge smart technology, the tiles on your floor to the colours of your brick – the decisions are all YOURS. With this much power comes responsibility…and often, great frustration… and anxiety. 

It is normal to feel a sense of fatigue after looking at all the devilish details of your construction. If you are fatigued or feeling overwhelmed, you might make decisions on a whim that you later regret. Decrease the risk of fatigue by letting yourself marinate over decisions over a few days, don’t make selections all at once, or on the final hour.

Our experts are there to help you with these decisions, too. You can save yourself many sleepless nights by taking their advice and recommendations.


The price of your new Merit home includes all the things you’ll need to make it comfortable and livable from day one including flooring, cabinets, countertops, window treatments, appliances, climate control, home security, high-speed internet, and so on. We do our best to think of absolutely everything from the get-go so the budget is set out and known from the start. If there are added features, finishes or changes after the budget has been set, it goes without saying that additional fees may apply.

If you want to make changes during construction, be prepared for delays as well as incurring additional costs. The materials may take longer than expected to be delivered, and contractors are usually not immediately available at the drop of a hat and will need to fit this extra step into their schedules of removing fixtures from the home before installing new ones. Our advice is to always think through every process before committing to the next, this will avoid any change of mind too late in the process. 

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